Can I use Latitude Solutions to handle my non-Marine insurances, like D&O, E&O, Property etc.

Latitude Solutions is your outsourced insurance department, not a regulated insurance broker. Broking services can either be provided by Latitude Brokers on behalf of Latitude Solutions, or by another broker of your choice, or both. If you would like to appoint Latitude Brokers as your Non-Marine broker there is an option to include broking services within[…]

Can I use Latitude Solutions just for my claims handling?

Yes, Latitude Solutions will handle your claims, including those that are not insured or below deductibles. Outsourced claims handling is attractive to those clients who require a first class claims service without the associated fixed costs and investment in staff and senior management time. Cost-effective outsourcing provides an around the clock/around the World claims response ability.

Tell me about the on-boarding process once we contract with Latitude Solutions

The aim of our on-boarding process is to integrate directly with your operations, chartering and technical teams as your in-house insurance department. With your agreement, our on boarding process involves: Office familiarisation with various teams including:           Chartering           Operations           Technical           Finance Establishment of communication and reporting channels Collation of insurance information, including:[…]

Will Latitude Solutions keep a record of all my claims and premiums?

Yes – we maintain all of your insurance records and provide access to those files directly to you through a dedicated Dropbox account.  We set up a Documentation Management System (DMS) for all your insurance documents as well, including matters such as COFRs, Certificates and any other documents your insurance department would usually manage.

I don’t have enough insurance issues to need a full time team – can Latitude Solutions help?

This is exactly where Latitude Solutions can help.  Employing full time staff for a part-time role is costly  not just financially but in terms of your management time.  Latitude Solutions will tailor our costs to the actual work and time required so you only pay for the work you need, keep your costs low, but[…]

What if I have a number of brokers already – how will Latitude Solutions benefit me?

Latitude Solutions will reduce the management time of working with multiple brokers across the world, by being their point of contact for day to day insurance issues.  We manage the claims, maintain claims statistics and agree with you on strategies for renewal, all while maintaining your relationship with your existing brokers.